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ASIRT Consortiums – Partnering for growth

This has been one of the biggest game changers in the history of the IT channels. In 2015, ASIRT helped form consortiums amongst its members to pitch for complementing business. Each consortium could be 15 members or more.

Competing is an old story! Winning it together.

With this initiative, ASIRT helped members to utilize each other’s strengths & geographical reach to offer complete solutions to their own customers. Also, Consortiums allows members to pitch for business in multiple areas which are not his forte or geographical reach & win business & revenues. Consortium Members


Become a complete IT service provider with consortiums

The combined capability of many members means a very wide range of offerings, multiple city reach and offering complete IT solutions.

Mentoring by experienced industry leaders

ASIRT organized numerous mentoring sessions by industry leaders and stalwarts for the consortium members. These coaching sessions helps many members to upscale their own businesses and learn new business management techniques.