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Gold Program

ASIRT’s Gold member program

Since 10 years, ASIRT’s Gold member program has helped numerous members win business and increase profitability. This program had been designed to help members to scale up their services revenues and portfolio. The program includes a host of tools to help you win customer confidence and prove your superior skills and offerings.

Commit to delivering the best and reap rewards.

The ASIRT Gold Member Program 2022 defines high standards of service, deliverables & customer satisfaction – Helping you to sell your skill sets & services standards as key differentiators. ASIRT members will be able to promise high quality of expertise, quality of service & standards. Also This will enable you to scale up your service standards internally & ensure that you meet the demands of the customers in today’s highly connected world.

Gold program benefits

Inspire confidence amongst your customers about your service & support standards – Use ASIRT Gold Member Program guidelines to charge industry standard rates.

Scale up your internal Employee morale by meeting Gold program guidelines – Higher Productivity & gains for everyone.

Use the ASIRT Gold member logo in your marketing messages – You can now download the latest logos, flyers and posters. Use them on your website, marketing merchandise, stationary & Identifiers. Receive your customized Plaque from ASIRT Office.

Next steps

Enrollment to this program is FREE to ASIRT members. ASIRT Gold member program 2022 will soon introduce new tools and rate charts for its member’s benefits.